Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well, there went the audience...

Yes. Two weeks is reprehensible! I'm ashamed.
But I'll get over it!

Anyway, that "certain" time of year has come...
The time of year that has women running,
that has mirrors being thrown out windows,
that has gym memberships selling like hot-cakes!
(cue screams of horror)
You know, last year at the end of Summer, I made myself a promise. I promised myself that I would get myself in shape for summer next year. I promised that my body will be "smokin'"! I did good for a while. I lost about 10 pounds! But...I wasn't doing it very healthily...And now that I'm doing a little better...I've gained back about 4 of those pounds! And I'm convinced that that weight lose was in "undesierable" areas (if you know what I mean!). So I have about 6 weeks to get my butt in shape (literally!).
I used to be great about getting to the gym but I wasn't supposed to eat before I go which caused severe fatigue there without energy. So I started eating in the afternoons, but when I got to the gym, and started working out, I got sick. So I stopped going. Also, my schedule got very busy for a while, but now that my schedule is much clearer now I just need the motivation to go again! It's about a 15 minute walk from my house to the gym and that is the only way I can get there, by walking. It takes a huge chunk out of my afternoon and I need to get work done for school. Then there the sick part thing....

I'm totallt lost and I DESPERATLY need to get in shape for the summer! I'm going to be a lifeguard for goodness' sake! I NEED to look good in a suit!
I'm desperate...any advice?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a baaaaddd peach...

Yes, I do realize it has been like a week since I've posted something, but I've been busy!
In the last week I've...
become a certified lifeguard!

So what? I was busy!
So let's make a list of things I need to get done then Mr. Smartie Pants!
turn in my YMCA application
clean up my room
do some desperatly needed laundry
go shopping for summer clothes
start going to the gym
Maybe I need to add "go see a doctor for Lazy-Blogger Syndrome"....

With Love
Oh wait, you get two today!
Your welcome...

With affection,
Alex :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Random Peach

Weel, she's is over half way through her time in India. She mainly talks about the heat on her blog but she seems like she's having a blast. However, I'm afraid she might adopt their swimsuit styles over here...But she's coming back Sunday and I can't wait to here her stories!

I knew this day would come...the day I don't have anything to blog about...(wow, that was fast...) I WOULD do fan mail but that would require fans to write mail or at least comment on my posts!!! Oh well, people these days...
Anywho, so I grabbed an application from the Habersham YMCA to apply to be a lifeguard. My first job EVER!!! So far I see no problems except...
- I have no job experience.
- I have never been employed.
- Worries about my salary...
- I'm not sure about this whole "background check" thing.
- They're very uptight about being a "legal citizen".
- They may have to wait a while on my social security.
- Would it be to presumptuous to put $15 an hour for a salary?
- Maybe lying about my age isn't a good idea.
- Should I put procrastinating under "skills"?
- What about annoying my sister? Would that count?
- Again, about my salary.....

Other than those little speed bumps, I'm good right?

I think I have a pretty good chance! (Confidence counts for something!) And the fact that I live so close may be a good factor. Either way I'm super excited. If I get it, it would be my first job ever, which sounds really exciting! (until you screw up...) But I'm going to fill it out tonight hopefully and turn it in tomorrow. (promptness!) And maybe an interview will follow, which you will totally here about!

But it's getting to be that time of night...
That times were my eyes get droppy, my brain stops thinking of things to say, my hands start typing slowly, and when I remember I have homework due tomorrow so....
Here's more culture for your development...
Your welcome. :)

Goodnight all,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dead Peach

Lazy Blogger Syndrome Alert!!!
It seems as if this case has taken a turn for the worst. We might have to send her to a specialist. (By her, I mean me!!!)

Anyway, after Florida, I had lifeguard training! I'm going to be a lifeguard! Woo-hoo!!! I get to save lives! I can have an awesome summer job and make lots of money! Hooray!!!
But no guys, this is serious stuff. This is alot to learn and only a little time to learn it. So after getting home late on Saturday night. I thought it was a good idea to go to bed early and get a good nights sleep, after having been deprived one in Florida, so I will have energy for the next day...I said I thought it was a good idea; didn't exactly happen that way. Staying up until 12 that night and having to get up at 7 wasn't a good way to start up the morning. And after not having ANY coffee that morning, things were not up to a good start. I'm suprised I survived that day. But after almost FREEZING into oblivion, swimming all day long, and going to the beach that afternoon, it wasn't suprising that I crashed when I got home at 5:30 until 10. Then I stayed up until 1, another brilliant idea, considering the fact that I had lifeguard training AGAIN in the morning. Luckily, I had coffee today and no school, which is always a great mix. But now, I am EXHAUSTED!!! As soon as I am done with this I am heading straight to bed. All the more reason to wrap it up. But of course, being the awesome blogger I am, I'm not leaving you without some critical knowledge that is crucial to know....
yes, it's very funny....

Best Wishes,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back in the Peach

I'm home!!!
(Pause for "welcome back" 's, and "we've missed you and your blog" 's)

What? No hugs?

Anywho. So Orlando was great! Our chiors all one first place in the competition! I got to enjoy two theme parks! Blue Man Group was AMAZING!!! AND (big emphasis) I got to see the guy from The Blind Side!!! (yes, the football player...) I highly recommend you go to Islands of Adventure because it's kinda awesome! The rides were fast, scary, and for the most part the lines were SHORT today, which was very suprising! I got soaked by the water rapid ride (say that 10 times really fast...) so I also recommend you wear your suit...
And Blue Man Group was so incredible! The music was great! The theatrics were hilarious! And the interaction that they had with the audience was phenominal! They had strobe lights, dancing, and rolled toilet paper over the audience! (Don't ask...) I felt strongly compelled to turn myself into an Avatar and get up there with them! It was pretty incredible!
The entire trip was great. Pretty well planned and no major problems. I'm very glad I went!

And now, I must shower. Because, I have lifeguard training in the morning, (yes, I'm getting certified baby!) and I need to be fresh faced and clean (appreciated by most...) so I must end here with a...wait...Saturday Night Live is starting...See ya!!!

With many wishes of joy,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peaches on the Road

INDIA UPDATE: She made to Dubai safe and today they had a scavenger hunt with the kids! Awesome, right?! I wonder how jet lag is affecting her...Thanks for your prayers everyone!

Well tomorrow, we're hitting the road! Orlando, Florida to be exact. So how crazy does the school sound for taking 100 kids to 2 theme parks for 2 days? Just a little...but the choir department is performing in a competitionon Friday and everyone is super stoked! Now it's ablut 9:00, I haven't packed anything, there is laundry to be done, and I have homework to do (along with fitting a shower into there somewhere.). Now some people may think that procrastinating comes easily, however, they are amatuers. I have made procrastination into an art-form. You would be amazed at my skill of procrastinating. The highest level, I'm sure. Hmmmm...maybe writing a blog post at the moment isn't a good idea...oh well...it's good for my street cred. Anywho I really am making this one short, though. But first, I must share this hilarious video with you. (A.K.A. I have nothing else to write about!)
(You must excuse the language. Sorry. :/)

Florida here I come!,

Wishing you well, :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old Peaches

Oh, no. I already missed a day. First symptom of "Lazy Blogger Syndrome". It's highly contagious amoung new bloggers and we have not found a direct cure. Pray for me!

Any-who...So yesterday I met up with some old friends that have recently moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Yes. GENEVA, SWITZERLAND!!! In teen language, "Like a gagillion miles away." or "Like FOREVER away!" But they came back to Savannah for their Spring Break over at International school. (Where they apparently "hate" Americans? What's up with that?!) I heard story after story of how "awesome Europe is" and how much he "loves it there" and how I "have to see Europe" because it's "sooo much better than the U.S. " But he can't fool me! I can see through those lies. He is silently crying out for help! "Save me from Europe! The Swiss Chocolate! The French food! The art! The culture! The WOMEN! Help meeee!" He is dying, slowly but surely. He needs to move back ASAP! I mean think about all he is missing in the U.S.?......wait.......it'll come to me................
Anyway, it was great to see him! And we had a good time and I'm glad to see Europe hasn't changed him TOO much! Now about that plane ticket to Switzerland.....

So that making up for yesterday, I'll get to today.
On a more serious note, we did lose a great person today. Another precious teen life was taken...
Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. Something, we don't understnd why these things happen, how God can allow such a horrible thing to occur and sadly, we may never know. But it's times like these that remind us of how really connected we all are. The saying "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone..." is NOT true. At least I don't see it that way...

Now on a lighter note, I thought I might share this with you.
(You've got to turn the volume up a little high on this...)
Yeah...still thinking about what he's missing in the U.S......wow, must be a brain fart....sea biscuit...

Merry Tuesday, :)